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The route Highway 1 is breathtaking.

The coastal road leads along the most famous cities and coolest beaches on our way from San Francisco to San Diego.

We loved San Francisco with the Fisherman’s Wharf. For those who like seafood, this is the place to be!Especially recommended is the dish ‘clam chowder’ directly at the port, a potato-based mussel stew served in a loaf.

On this Roadtrip, you will always encounter deserted bays and beaches where you can watch seals & manatees while basking in the sun.

Take a detour in Santa Barbara and then continue in the direction of Santa Ynez Valley, where you can find some nice vineyards.

L.A. is worth a visit, but was not that impressive.

San Diego, the city with its great & cool Beachvibes and the Mexican flair in Old town, you need to see. Here you just want to linger long and enjoy the time.

Hint: Gainey Vineyard at Santa Barbara or the Mission Beach in San Diego 👍🏽

– FOODVEL Crew –

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