The movie hangover gives you a glimpse of what this desert town in the sea of lights has to offer and yet we were surprised at how much the film was oriented towards reality 🙂

But from the very beginning… We travelled by car and, due to the sunset, the city opened up to us with all its beauty.

Lights all over. The strip consists of hundreds of advertisements, hotels & casinos that all shine brightly and amaze you.

Really impressive considering that the way there was less glamorous and the suburbs did not necessarily invite you to linger.

The hotels are really great scene-the casinos are bubbling over before life and everywhere you find good-humoured people looking for their next adventure.

For us, 3-4 days have been quite sufficient, because of course you already feel the mass coping, but nevertheless you should not to miss this place in an American trip.

The strip is really great-in the evening also to withstand the temperatures and the water show in front of the Bellagio will bring you the necessary cooling. Even if only visually:-)

Of course, casino visits are not to be missed, here it is wise if one has the task to pull the emergency brake if the thing is out of hand 😉 because we all know yes-the casino always wins!

The city is noisy, wild & exciting and keeps definitely what she promises. Welcome to the Entertainment capital of the world – Welcome to Sin City! 🎰

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